Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reasons for the low profile + how to strengthen

Each of us has an individual personality

We will know what causes weak personal + how to strengthen them!

First: very weak marks

1: tilt to the approval of others and often, their keeping pace

2: comply with the requests of others and desire, even at the expense of the rights of person and comfort

3: weak ability to show and express their inner feelings

4: poor voice and point of view

5: care for the feelings of others and fear of their nuisance

6: weak packages in decisions and proceed

7: trouble in the eyes of others and weak accents sound

8: excessive modesty in the positions where this is not appropriate (humiliation)

Second: the wrong notions about poor self-affirmation

: This is shyness Mahmoud sharee'ah and conventionally accepted

2: the humility required of line side

3: that of altruism and love of others

4: I must be loved, accepted, known for courtesy and gentleness

5: should I bring other desires and feelings to my desires and feelings always

6: you should not bother others ' feelings, and not hurt my feelings and express my views and my

III. the meaning of self-affirmation

Is the ability of individual expression (verbally and behaviorally) about his feelings and his thoughts and opinions towards people and approved of him, demanding his rights (which it deserves)

Without injustice or aggression

Self-affirmation based on individual assessment (satisfaction with himself and his abilities) and a sense of individual assessment by others (their stature and respect)

It is estimated the same sober as you deserve,

Arrogant puffed itself and gives it a home than you deserve,

Almtzell the same right and down from depreciating lower than its standing,

IV. examples of poor conduct confirmatory

1: the seller insists on market buyer to purchase certain goods which are not desirable, then buy what he wants (even if its price is high) for he cannot

Show reluctance to purchase (low capacity for rejection)

2: continue to listen to people talking and mucking in limited time for you (your other dates), embarrass apologize to leave,

(Weak capacity to desire)

3: when a borrower on a loan, insisting the other party of the lending amount may be substantial or is in need of the loan is a hater (poor excuse)

4: people bear the burden (or important social function) overloaded and not due him and does not want and cannot express it,

5: waiver of certain professional principles and values because of the person or persons

6: the person who asks for your mobile phone to speak to long-distance, give it to him and you know it will prolong your feelings will take into account

5. characteristics of the same person

: Compatibility between internal feelings and virtual behaviour

2: the ability to make their views and wishes clearly

3: the ability of demand rejection and tactful method

4: the ability to communicate with others graciously, (verbal visual communication)

VI: confirmatory behavior properties

1: it is a compromise between the bow for others and domination and oppression

2: the apparent behavior corresponds with the inner emotions and thoughts

3: legally and conventionally accepted and mind

7. benefits of affirmative behavior

1: generates a sense of psychological well-being

2: prevents the accumulation of negative emotions (anxiety and depression)

3: strengthen self-confidence

4: keep the person on their rights, achieve goals and ambitions

5: give out in life (thought and behavior) and is one of the most important ways to success in diverse fields

VIII: confirmatory behavior training (supervised by psychiatric specialists)

1: development of behavioral confirmation to be included (from the person's life), where it starts and then most of it

2: training in the following aspects

(A) the expression of personal opinion with conviction and satisfaction (in approval and violation)

(B) get a rejection in an appropriate manner (without Guide emphasizes the injustice others) such as: sorry I can't-sorry don't want-no more

(C) the expression of feelings and emotions and true Interior, such as: I am not satisfied with this command-this is not like

(D) learn to use the pronoun (without exaggeration) such as "I feel" instead of saying "feel ...", "I'm not satisfied that" instead of saying "the person does not

Satisfaction "

(E) training in proper primitive expression: eye contact, voice clarity (famously declared his accents), and stand and walk and movements of the hands and the head

(Serving the confirmatory method)

3: repetition and even mastering and applying it in practice.

4: confirmatory method as the gradient start lighter emphasis (which is to be the lowest cost myself) as the situation without access to injustice and aggression


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