Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to be loved and attractive?

Scientists have come to set the attributes of the beloved and popular through scientific research and compare thousands of folk with the others and these are the results of the research:

Very important properties that must be the beloved and popular:
1. don't mock others.
2. don't laugh.
3. don't show your knowledge if the greatest knowledge of others.
4. do not leave your promise.
5. don't lie and don't overpay.
6. do not show the appearance of the names of the others and is the highest.
7. don't try to impose your will on others.
8. not valid in the faces of others.
9. go to the wider world and help others.

Important properties: 1. smiled gleefully.
2. keep your mind clean.
3. keep your clothes cleaner.
4. control your mood.
5. do not interfere with nor directly.
6. avoid controversy.
7. do not attempt to discover the defect.
8. avoid embarrassing others.
9. don't be nervous and not rude.
10. don't laugh.
11. do not fix errors.
12. do not speak more than speak.

A secondary but necessary properties: 1. stop the chatter.
2. quit trying to fix others.
3. quit borrowing anything.
4. quit laughing aloud.
5. quit airing people solution.
6. give up to be grieved.
7. Quit any new challenge.
8. quit mistrust of others.

If you want to criticize let your cash out: 1. in private
2. with a smile
3. He began by praising
4. stir in the same longing that is critical.
5-Pat on the back.

The praise for the small business that leads to big business.
And remember that it's easy to nazim and nkodh but the dexterity that condone and tolerate and praise.
The leader or administrator should make some praise it is the greatest praise.


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