Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to get rid of fear and test anxiety

How to get rid of fear and test anxiety

All our anxiety and fear when the exam but we have to distinguish between the laudable concern and anxiety the rejected
The first was the desire to succeed and get the highest score and was catalyst required
As anxiety and fear, it is unacceptable that affects self confidence and discouraging and reduces your score even though the pupil and focused. And this recipe ensures that you get rid of it.
General instructions:
Sleep sleep sleep
Take much of it the night before the exam to enter a quiet exam nerves strong focus

• You have a light meal before going for the test they provide brain power to think and will rest at the same time anxious stomach
• Avoid fatty food welatmla your tummy
• Avoid frequent coffee and tea
True they mnbenhan of the nervous system but increasing alarm here is not required and sufficient Cuba one of either
Nothing better than movement and exercise to reduce stress and anxiety
That you can do some exercise before the exam was otherwise sufficient to move and walk in the courtyard of the school or University during the time preceding the exam
Before the exam:
• Trust in God and I go early and take additional precaution tools pens
• Was not looking for welatstma to any questions before entering if you heard the question to know the answer to that will shake your confidence and will enter a vicious circle of tension and anxiety which will affect your answers in the exam "tried"
• Prefers to leave your books at home, studying until the last moment may be confusing and lead to overlapping of information and ideas. But if you go, you just read the headlines and soundbite and illustrations "nutshell summary means only"
During the exam:
• Upon receipt of the question paper say:
In the name of God the merciful, gracious and no power except with Allah almighty-God is not easy but magalth-God suffices us and-to God the United States unleash
And be confident that God is with you and will not disappoint your hope
• Place your hand in front of you hours and divide the answer by the number of questions time even laitaghi question on another
• Start by answering easy questions
"I mean we read full paper and put a shot while reading next to the question easy to answer present and then after we finished reading the paper's rapid njp questions chosen first and then think about the rest of the questions"
This will lead to a sumptuous and increase your self-confidence in addition to you from the outset will ensure definite degrees
• Once all around you and what may happen to their colleagues from the words or noise and focused on the question-and-answer papers only
• Don't fear and worry if you see your colleagues write and you are still thinking of the answer
Your answer is definitely going to be more focused and accurate for you spent more time thinking about it and arrange your thoughts making top grades have
• Not be or become disturbed when I saw colleagues have recognized answer sheets and you still write most of terminating early exam grades are not high and you have to take advantage of that last time thinking about the answer to increase your vocabulary of degrees
• If in the midst of other moments during the exam he pray before then ...-close your eyes-take a deep breath inward-holding as much as efforts in its-narrated by slowly ... This simple exercise helps relax and focus

** Most personal advice me make each question page or two depending on how many questions and write down the question number clearly before you answer and try to make a clear line and your paper clean and tidy


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