Thursday, February 21, 2013

Price and specifications of the PlayStation 4 and date released!

PlayStation 4

Sony unveiled yesterday on the specifications and the price and date of issuance of its new PlayStation 4, which may be stronger as she created Sony or MS until the moment.

And came to the device specifications that the PlayStation 4 will be a breakthrough similar to computers that pay tens of thousands to be equipped with the top cards of the screen and the highest speeds also, a PlayStation 4 technical specifications will be as follows:

Eight AMD kernel = "gaogwar"

= Special llgravix card is higher in class x86-64 portable show 1.84 trillion point per second

= RAM 8 GB non-shared and dedicated to games only

= Blu-ray as usual (and science Sony and PlayStation 3 sichn was the first to use this feature)

= WiFi and blue tooth is stronger than the last device in addition to HDMI and AV.

= 3.0 to USB

= New control arm with touch screen, much like a joystick in PlayStation 3 but it's a lot faster and her battery live longer.

= Possibility of your's videos on YouTube directly without the need for other organs and complications

Either the new additions is that each player can see his playing also other games even if you do not have this game can have the PlayStation 4 face from playing bplay stisshan Vita, either on the date of issuance of a PlayStation 4 will end in 2013, and specifically with the Christmas holiday.

And Sony has announced that the price of a PlayStation 4 will range from 429 dollars and 550 dollars for models with a larger hard disk.


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