Friday, February 22, 2013

How to be a failure as quickly as possible

Today I bring you the subject of a theme I liked ...

An open, pluralistic and rational and humane

These are some of the qualities that define a global success criteria

And functional and mental levels and even spiritual

As far as these were the factors that differentiate successful persons

We in the Kingdom are clear on the ground

It was only in our minds. . The reason for this is

Cultural ideology which overran our minds in past decades

Came with its own model of success that has been promoted by the community

To become the only model for success

No one wants to become successful and respect for himself and others

Only this form for success

It was clear that this success criteria completely run counter to global success criteria

If the person with open and pluralistic, not rational nor humane

On the contrary, whenever a person was constricted acquaintance

Narrow and rejects any openness to the views, ideas and experiences of others

It makes him a more pure and successful for this picture

New success

As much as I don't think and wonder and think that each story

Various aspects of drifting with your emotions

It means you are going in the footsteps of the successful

Also, of course, unless humanitarian and intolerant towards

For your faith, intellectual nodal and excludes all different with you

And puts them in his home less than you so you are gaining more

The most important characteristics of successful

In fact, this is precisely the failure standards globally, but turned

For us and catastrophic criteria of success

This successful model who has given us this culture decades

The last was the worst form of success

Can any culture in the world. . Even traditional cultures

The old focus so much on work values and do not care much

Cultural aspects such as openness and rationality

But this culture was devoted and insists all these ideals are not

Good practice not even culturally

Is there a worse culture tells you that you are

Undemocratic and intolerant as a populist demagogue well and become successful and good?!

But that's what has already happened and we saw people with

These qualities are successful role models in society

The people from their imitate them

This poor and only form of success a lot of

Young tradition!!

The young man or woman is intelligent and questioning and critical but gives up

All this wonderful talent to become simple and dependent

And rigid or just to suit the success criteria that have been promoted

There are people with no talent found in this form is an opportunity for them

To find their worth and feel respected

From others but sadly remember many wonderful

Who was metamorphosed them failed this success model

But let's see what gave us this form in our lives. Because it was not

We open in free with each new conflicts in our lives

Almost everything from satellite broadcasting and even contact lenses

How much time have we wasted in these battles, while no mind open

X j x t earlier without even one feels

If the plural for all cultures and cultural experiences to learn from them

One of the reasons for the successful experiences globally is openness to thriving civilizations

But our successful refused that and think

All these civilizations are an illusion and fantasy

This is the worst he can learn his mother for her children if rational

To read the past in a way that is fair and objective

All this would make him a more balanced vision of reality

Conventional wisdom says is not your present while helping you change your past

But to be successful we must read history

In a biased and his ideologized and school

And all the stories you hear on the street

You must hate the West and non-Muslims are evil and hostile to logic

Although American cars and skilled non-Muslim doctors and send

Our children to take the science of universities

However, this should not feel contradiction and RIP

Conditions of success we have to see all this stuff and not feel

With no sense of contradiction mental!!

But the greatest gift given to us by this successful model and those

Successful people who inspired us?!

Thanks to them we were not doctors or engineers or pilots because it depends

The Western approaches in the study and are against West

We didn't understand the artists against the arts and athletes because they don't

Like sports

We didn't made a book nor journalists nor writers

In fact they are they printed us copies to match in isolated and hardening

This was the nicest gifts we received from these successful

Who get angry at our children if they imitate them

Those were more black comedy in our lives

In fact we have in Saudi Arabia successful models and real and luminous contributed

The prosperity of our country on multiple levels is good and inspiring models for generations of Saudi Arabia

(Without any income to shell) are open and tolerant and rational

We must change this picture about the successful models which have dominated

On our minds and the minds of our families

And no longer have any interest, it would be appropriate for anyone to

Learn a lesson entitled

"How to be a failure as quickly as possible"


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