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Jurisdiction in Germany | complete file of medical specialty in Germany ..

Jurisdiction in Germany | complete file of medical specialty in Germany ..

Germany is located in the northern part of the European continent, sprawling over an area of ​​up to 357.050 square kilometers, a population of about 82,438,000 people.Germany is perhaps the most powerful countries of Europe economically, industrially and scientifically, and enjoy my life very practical system which makes the German people known across the world Serious Banillath and strict rules, they are ably machine that does not stop production.
Tracking successive German governments policy based on technical and technological support, which calls for the promotion of industrial technology mission and achieve the best conditions for the development of modern techniques useful.

- Language: German- Currency: Euro- System: Republican consultant

Educational and cultural policy ::
Germany is second country in the world advanced after the United States, is a country accept the other more than any other country, despite the rumors of wrong things about this subject, the source of these rumors caused by a few do not find a place in German society which welcomes the other and assisted to integrate society and especially in terms of learning the new language and new lifestyle.

Its cultural and educational based on trying to attract other because suffer from a lack of cadre medical one hand, and due to the desire to attract minds constructive her, and from here notes some sort of facility to accept foreign students to study or specialization in Germany, educated Medicine Free Most provinces even to foreigners, the medical specialty being considered Germany's easier receipt of a specialty among the developed countries, in addition to being allow you to learn just as German student without any distinction only in material terms ..

Level of medical specialty in Germany ::
Certificate German of the strongest testimonies in the world and is currently following certificate American power and acceptance in the countries of the world and in the Arabian Gulf in particular, waged after closed Britain doors generally students from outside the European Union, and is now Germany and hand for more than 10% of students who studying outside their home countries from around the world, and is evidence of great strength and high reputation enjoyed by the education sector in general and medical education, particularly in Germany ..

Why Germany??
Germany may be one of the best options currently available to you dear, and this is due to several factors:
1. You do not need to accept exam and not an equation, which gives easy access to competence compared with the rest of the developed countries, sometimes some counties require a personal interview but will not be obliged to follow accepted in such districts, multiple choices often and most of the provinces do not require any such thing.
2. All medical specialties there are foreigners, in addition to the Internists and its subsidiaries, children and women, they are the only country that allows you to get competitive specialties Kjerahat ear and in-kind leather and is not difficult to get them all.
3.Excellent education there for foreigners just as the Germans, and not study different foreign student studying German student only in terms of salary, which would be more of a German student, certificate acceptable to all Arab countries and very desirable in the Arabian Gulf for those who would like to work there.
4. The possibility of studying medicine for free for students emerging, and is a giant opportunity to study medicine in one of the largest countries in the world for free, this opportunity very help in medical specialty in Germany in terms of higher salary in the specialty after finishing study medicine there.

Why not Germany??
1. Working the main reasons here material, the very possibility of getting a salary harder than other countries, but it is readily recoverable, of course, most of the Arab students receive it after about a year.
2. The opportunity to pursue your business after jurisdiction confined almost your marriage from a German woman, but in any case many people can survive without secure contracts there, but this is not the content, of course.
3. Learning a new language, and is not favored by many, and that was to learn a new language is not difficult and it is easier than the restoration of an ancient language.What is the cost of the project and its requirements??
Balzbh cost dear here it varies, each state set and each jurisdiction and status, States that are not highly motivated them will be an opportunity to get a salary where larger, while states that it large turnout will be an opportunity where less, and for the terms of reference Valachtsasat least competitive (invisible) possibility get a larger salary, but competitive specialties (ear, for example) to get a salary less intolerable.

Cost generally divided to three main aspects: housing, transportation, food.
Housing is the most difficult and insurance is anywhere between one case and another significantly, for example, I personally secured the Mrastell Qpaulin, one with housing 240 euros and within the campus (in the sense that the cost of transportation has become non-existent), and here will make large cost savings will not exceed 500 euros per month, but this is not the norm and usually cost an average of 600 euros per month (including housing and everything).
You can secure housing here after you get the acceptance by asking Professor himself, they often are very cooperative. And in case you can not secured after traveling and this is a favorite.
Expected cost:
Expected cost of the project, is a Musrovk for a year (on average, may be shorter and may be rarely longer as we said earlier), and is about 600 euros a month, 600 * 12 = 7200 EUR, added her taxi language course around 1000 euros, and ensure fiscal 7020 euros (and Snscherhaa later in detail), for a sum of about 16,000 euros ..

By اختصاصك in Germany ..
Dear student, you should be aware that when you specializes in Germany you have three possibilities:
1. You get the work systems (function) Hospital Besieged with a salary imposed from the beginning (3 - 4 thousand euros per month) and that a physician competence, and this opportunity is very rare and is specifically for the Germans, previously it was possible to get them to non-Germans with difficulty, the new laws have Hsrtha Germans.
2. You get the so-called doctor guest with the so-called half and function, (here you need all the procedures of license, etc.) and is also the former in terms of the situation but without a salary in the beginning because it requires is that you have a government scholarships or private institution (grant formal sham quite enough), while you are entitled to a salary later and according to Professor assessment you (the contract comes the phrase that you will work without a salary but does not come it is that you are not entitled to get a salary in the future).
3. Acceptance of the hospital you get you a doctor Guest (Gast Arzt) any you come only to learn and training in this hospital does not want any salary, here you need a grant, whether governmental or private, of course, but here certainly will not get a salary, and therefore not doing the work permit and others, and, of course, this opportunity is not recommended never are training and experience rather than competence.

Most Arab students go according to the opportunity the second (half a job) is Alavsal course and are badly needed there in Germany, but the first is the preserve of the Germans, and the third has identified mention her because she and I faced during e and may experience you too, it offers you the hospital training him without to hold a work permit and this is not good ..

And then what??
Now dear, to say that you got to accept the pattern 2, and is what often happens, here Stiky period of time without getting any salary (this period is fixed they may continue a few months and may continue for two or three and in rare cases continue over jurisdiction and all this is due to your skill, but what is happening in general is the following:
* I. .. At the beginning of your travel will be a language course and here of course will be spent you on yourself, language course vary in duration according to the citizens of Arab countries, for example, citizens of Syria and Lebanon should be the student gets a certificate of German basic ZD in his country to be able to travel, and so the language course in Germany does not grow longer than 3 - 4 months, while Jordan and Egypt allowing students to travel with the level 4 of the basic certificate "$ 6 levels," The Arabian Gulf are allowed for students to travel without any language course and thus the language course in Germany would last longer little, note that residents of these countries apply them fully put its citizens, in the sense that the resident in the Gulf, has the right (as citizens) travel without getting a basic education certificate ZD, and this step the benefit of many.
* Secondly, After the language course and after that start the exercise of jurisdiction, you have to spend on yourself a period of time will not receive the salary, this period is usually about 6 months, then and after the language has improved dramatically, and after that the CME informed things Mchwek, you can get shifts on Saturdays and Sundays from German students (rotation about 200 euros), and therefore if I get one shift a week is quite enough for a very good living there.
* Third .. After 6 months (that is, nearly a year after began اختصاصك) may be able to get a regular salary in the event impressed Professor your job (about 1200 - 1600 euros per month) and here may be required to tell him, for example, that your grant has stopped (of course be careful here , this speech should be between you and the professor who is supposed to be your relationship are good, and should not be up to the Bureau of Labor, because given you stopped for the Bureau of Labor means to return you to your country).
* Fourth .. In case you can not dear to get the opportunity earlier and after a year of jurisdiction and began after they have been fully able and language competence, here if you can not get a salary from the hospital in which they operate, are sending another hospital and try get accepted it with a salary (and this is what being a lot with our students dear), and here it must be emphasized that when you move from hospital to hospital, you complement اختصاصك of hitting and not تبدأه from scratch, and some colleagues Atantgulwn among more than a hospital during their specialty and This is unusual even for the Germans.

What are the practical steps??
Until you get اختصاصك Germany there are essential Dear, acceptance of the hospital, and visa from the embassy.

Until you get the visa and thus access to the jurisdiction of Germany several steps you must:
1. You have to be graduated from the Faculty of Medicine inevitably so you can do the rest of the proceedings and for countries that in its study medicine year concession Internship, must be completed this year.

2. The level of language, and is different between the Arab countries, in the countries in which it has a big demand (Syria and Lebanon, for example) what is required is testimony basic education ZD (and is a 6 levels), while in other countries (Egypt and Jordan, for example) what is required is only 4 levels of six levels of such testimony, and in the Gulf states students can travel without any certificate or linguistic study language, and this applies to residents and citizens alike, and here stress that residents can take advantage of this special.

3. Scholarship either government or private, and this is not a problem, as the formal grant completely sham sufficient and adequate. Grant must be for the duration of the study (monthly expense per month), a comprehensive and all other expenses of a plane ticket, health insurance, housing and supplies and other courses.

4. Securing acceptance, and are correspondence via the Internet, where sent to the heads of departments in the hospital and expressed desire to specialize them to win the Fach Arzt, and here must be stated clearly that you grant and want to work for them without pay, and show your level of linguistic, and attached CV, and certified graduation, and detect Bdrjatk, and a high school diploma, (and everyone translators sworn translator for German) where attached with the message sent to Professor Head of Department .. And we'll talk later about securing acceptance in detail ..

5. Bail, the amount of 7020 euros, or sponsor German, sponsorship is a sum placed the bank as a prerequisite for Visa, and intended to be a guarantee to live a decent life for a year, you are entitled to draw him a month in a limited way, and you may not withdrawn only in this way (per month), but in case you decide to cancel your specialty project in Germany you have the right to withdraw fully once, and here must note that this amount should be returned to the bank each year to renew the visa, in the sense that it will amount frozen for the duration of actually اختصاصك.
Some may find a guarantor Germany relieve him of the bail amount, and require the sponsor to be someone Germany has installed, and work specific intake ..

6. Work permit Beruf Erlaubnis, and here Dear must freelancing Labour Office with the mandate obtained admission, correspondence conducted through regular mail (hospital tells you any office must messaging), and required paperwork between states and other but generally Valawrac required are almost the same and we will cite the required documents in general, after sending the papers month period to 3 months, you get a work permit, and blessed securities generally are:
1 - certified graduation and duly certified interpreter2 - transcript certified interpreter and assets3 - A copy of the passport duly certified4 - linguistic ability (linguistic level)5 - written request of the applicant personally6 - CV signed by the applicant7 - Ikhraj translator and duly certified8 - an official document of good conduct translated and certified9 - paper you are not doomed to a translator and duly certified10 - a medical examination showing appropriate to practice Atabab11 - agree to practice the profession of your country of origin and certified interpreter12 - a letter from the Ministry of Health show the need for the required competence and reason to study in Germany and the task of the doctor after returning to his country13 - and document the experience in hospitals in the country of residence14 - The decision to send or grant from the private or government entity

7. Progress of Visa: after they finished the previous steps and got permission to work applying for a visa, and usually require from 6 - 12 weeks to get them, and then travel on God's blessing for your specialty in Germany began.

Secure messaging and acceptance of the specialty, Germany ::
For securing acceptance in Germany so dear, should contact the department heads Hospitals to get it, and following site contains addresses German medical schools are all on the Internet:
Click Here

Suppose that you have chosen the University of Ulm in the last line - as an example to illustrate -
Intervention for college, you should look for the section you want competence in, and will be available in the list kliniken for the terms of reference clinical Kalpatna and surgery, children and others, and the list of Institute for the terms of reference is clinical Kalpathologi and drugs and physiological and immunology and other ..
Well, suppose you want to surgery and is in German Chirurgie, Login If for kliniken, I think you got it, surgery is the second jurisdiction after internal page that, well, any jurisdiction surgeons want, neurosurgery, for example Klinik für Neurochirurgie, enter it, you will find at the bottom of Chairman Department of Neurosurgery and phone number and his e-mail and regular, is now getting e-mail to department head Direktor, you correspondence.
Note, there are colleges do not find the name Direktor the main page of the section, then you should look for in a list Mitarbeiter and means employees in the section of the most senior to أدناهم, and department head will inevitably be the first of them.
In some cases, the secretary department head is responsible for receiving messages and then explicitly stated this, and in this case but the message sent be directed to Professor himself.
Preferred to write the message you a what, a teacher German example, you can messaging starting in English, but starting in German will be better and gives you more opportunities, within the letter included a glimpse of yourself and your resume and your desire to jurisdiction in this section, as include material support you , as the existence of a grant and these are easy to get and if a formality, as it should show your level of German language, and attached CV and certified graduation, and detect Bdrjatk, and a high school diploma, and all translators of the sworn translator of German.


Finally, I hope that we have been successful in shedding light on this important project for the lives of large numbers and increasingly dear of our students, the hope of our penalty of God's good.


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