Friday, March 15, 2013

Who is the perfect man? What are the qualities of the perfect man in the eyes of women?

Ideal. In inaccessible because the human being is incomplete and can not find full descriptions and person without eyes. But both women and men often launch as "ideal" on fares or girl dreams.
What are the qualities of the perfect man in the eyes of women? And are perfect as always figure or specific ethics and personal too, or is it covered?
The perfect man in woman's rare coin is found easily and if so, the perfect will reach 100 percent of that perfection to God alone, but there are qualities and specifications, it is impossible to do without and may offset each other deficiencies to make man perfect in women appointed to the moral aspect plays an important role in launching the ideal characteristics to men, because the shape alone is not enough. Let any women tend more? For the shape or profile?
A perfect man
Would never deny that man's exterior a considerable impact on women because it was first drawn to men, although most, if not all men spend a lot of money on clothes, and spend a lot of time and the long hours in sports clubs for the exercise and development of alghadalat for strong body and muscles to be twisted in order to draw the attention of the women always but some recent studies have shown that women prefer men slim and reversing all the prevailing beliefs that promote the idea that men Maftool muscle is the perfect man in the eyes of women because women mostly interested in her body and maintain the agility is impressively slim is definitely prefer slim man instead of a macho man or fat they always prefer to be her longest.
The perfect man
If we asked women about the personal qualities of the perfect man, multiple women's tastes differ in specification of the ideal man as priorities that each woman, it becomes the ideal standard personal access next to impossible. But most of the women involved in the search for these qualities and are the perfect man if these conditions

The perfect man is the man the romantic who shows his emotions and are emotionally and spiritually and fills the House with love and emotion.
The perfect man is the man capable of fulfilling its promises, however, is the cost which is available on the side of decency, integrity and honesty in his dealings and shows his sincerity and dedication in his relationships and his work.
The perfect man is capable of creating communication and dialogue with women in any circumstances and for any problem as the dialogue is the ideal solution for urbanites.
The perfect man is the one who must never forget his birthday and the anniversary of his marriage which is creative in bringing gifts and surprises.

Women have to realize that ideal in rare event and met the perfect man she must hold all its hopes for change and human qualities that change nothing good person fixed may turn out to be the bad guy with the passage of time.


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