Sunday, January 20, 2013

Teddy Stoddard parameter the story of lessons

Teddy Stoddard parameter - the story of lessonsWhile I stood parameter before the fifth grade on the first day resume the study, and threw on the ears of students inter nice Tjamlhm out, I looked for her students and said to them: I love you all, so as do all teachers, and ... but they were excluded in the same pupils sitting in Front row, named Teddy Stoddard.I watched Mrs. Thompson Child Teddy during the previous year, and noted that it does not play with other children, and that his clothes always dirty, and it always needs to bath, plus it seems people is delightfully, has reached the matter is that Ms. Thompson was find fun in the correct papers by broad red line, and put signs x bold, and then writes the word "deposit" at the top of these securities.In the school where she was working where Mrs. Thompson, was asked to review the previous school records for each student, was put record your grades eventually بتيدي. While the decline was Public surprised something!!Teddy teacher wrote in first grade as follows: "Teddy intelligent child and enjoy the spirit of fun. He leads his care and attention, and in an orderly manner, as he has the gentleness of morality."And wrote about second grade teacher: "Teddy pupil Najib, and was loved by his classmates, but he was upset and worried because of an injury and his mother terminally ill, making life at home dominated by suffering and hardship and fatigue."The mentor in the third grade, he wrote him: "It was the death of his mother occurred difficult it .. I've tried diligence, and make utmost possessions efforts, but his father was not interested, but life at his home soon affect him if did not take some action" .While written about fourth grade teacher: "Teddy pupil introvert himself, does not show a lot of desire in the study, and does not have a lot of friends, and sometimes slept during the lesson."Here Mrs. Thompson realized the problem, I felt shame and modesty itself Badr, has worsened its position for the worse when her pupils brought Christmas gifts wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except Teddy .. It was a gift made by her on that day wrapped Bsmajh and irregular,Paper dark, taken from the bag of bags that are placed where the purposes of the grocery store, has suffered Ms. Thompson is open gift Teddy, and exploded some students laughed when they were found contract consisted of diamonds fake missing stones, and perfume bottle there is only only a quarter .. But soon the palm of those students laughing when Mrs. Thompson expressed deep admiration for the beauty of that contract then wears socks on her neck and placed drops of perfume on her wrist. Teddy did not go after school to his house that day. But wait a bit of time to meet Mrs. Thompson and tells her: The smell of the day like the smell of my mother! !When he left pupils school, exploded Mrs. Thompson in tears for at least one hour, because Teddy brought her a bottle perfume that his mother was used, and found in his teacher smell his late mother!, And since that day I stopped teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, and began teaching children material all "parameter separation," has given Mrs. Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy, and when I started to focus on starting his mind picking up, and the more encouraged the response faster, and by the end of the school year, it became Teddy of more pupils outstanding in the classroom, and most notably, smarter, and became a Allaamz pampered then .

A year later and found Mrs. Thompson memorandum at the door of the pupil Teddy, telling her: "It's the best teacher interviewed in his life."Six years ago without receiving any note of it. Then wrote to her that he completed high school, and won third place in his class, and yet it still occupies a better position offset lifelong teacher.After four years, it had received a letter last him telling her that: "The things become difficult, and that a resident of the college does not Abrhaa, and he will graduate soon from the University with honors first, and assured her well in this letter as the best and loved teacher has even now. "After another four years, received a letter last of it, and this time made it clear that after he received a bachelor's degree, he decided to make a little bit in the study, and assured her again as the best and loved teacher met him throughout his life, but this time his name was long a bit , Dr. Theodore F.. Stoddard!!Did not stop the story at this point, I came to her speech last him that spring, saying: "It met a girl, and that he would marry her, and as I have already told her that his father had died two years ago, and asked her to come to sit somewhere and his mother-in ceremony of his marriage, has agreed Mrs. Thompson on it, "Amazingly, she was wearing the same contract, which gave him her Holiday Birth many years ago, which was one of the stones missing, and more than that it sure Tatrha perfume himself, who said his mother in the last gala birthday! !And hugged each other, and whispered (Dr. Stoddard) in Mrs. Thompson's ear, saying, thank you for your trust in, and thank you Odzl that made me feel important, and I can be highlighted and distinct.Mrs. Thompson responded with tears: You're wrong, I have you taught me how to be a teacher, highlighting and distinct, I did not know how I know, until I met you.(Teddy Stoddard is a famous doctor who has a suite as the center "Stoddard" to treat cancer in hospital Mathoddst in Des Montes Iowa, USA, and is one of the best treatment centers is not in the same state, but at the level of the United States of America).Life is full of stories and events that we look at where informed us wisdom and effective. The wise man will not be fooled crusted pulp, not appearance detective, not in the form of content. Should not rush to judgment, and that probe Gore's what you see, especially if you breath humanitarian distant valleys, Moarh emotions, feelings, sensations, and passions, and ideas.I hope that this story Moukzh is read by parents, and teachers.


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